Customs and Courtesies

How to create meaningful ceremonies and traditions in your club. This presentation explains proper club attire, the development of the formal uniform, the importance of unique club insignia, and the proper method of flying flags both at the club and aboard a vessel.


This course examines the relationships between Commodore/President, Board of Directors and Professional Staff. What presents a conflict of interest in the club and how can such conflicts be avoided?


Property, Casualty, Officers & Directors – why you need each and what is excluded.


This course discusses the development of leadership principles and the concept of transformational leadership. The presentation explains the use of management styles and the styles that get the best results. The course focuses on the latest theories and best practices of leaders and managers in public life, clubs, and businesses.

What Would YOU Do?

A round-table discussion with former commodores and club leaders in which everyone participates and discusses real-life problems that have occurred and ask You to discuss how You would solve them.